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Logo Designing
Logo is an identity and heart of graphic designing. The perfection in logo designing is the primo of Discover Infotech 6 years. Basically logos represent companies' brands or corporate identities. It is very hard or unprofessional and counterproductive to redesign logos frequently.

If you need a logo that you can stick with for many years to come, then Discover Infptech is the way to go. Branding is an expensive process not just in terms of design but also in terms of customer attraction and no single business wants to be doing this every year. That is why we go through the trouble of developing a logo that will remain relevant to your business for a long time. We also make the logos versatile enough to be usable in different advertising tools such as email and even offline methods such as T-shirts. Finally, we make sure that you as our client love the logo we design for you; after all, that is the reason we are in business.

The Logo Designing Methodology Includes :
- Professional Design
- Business and Competitor Analysis
- Unlimited Concepts & Revisions
- Different Versions

Our Logo designing deliverables may includes :
- A color version (in JPEG, EPS, and PDF formats)
- A gray scale version (in JPEG, EPS, and PDF formats)
- A white on black version (in JPEG, EPS, and PDF formats)
- A black on white version (in JPEG, EPS, and PDF formats)